Asunta D'Urso Fleming's Voice Studio LA guides the development of dozens of young artists located across the country with professional vocal coaching and career consulting. Her goal is to develop the individual voice of the artist and help each student reach their highest potential.

Asunta has a degree in Classical Vocal Performance and teaches a combination of Speech Level Singing  and Bel Canto.

Lessons begin with and are continually monitoring correct breathing- isolating the muscular function of breathing, muscular coordination and strength training as connected to vocal production first establishing correct vocal production of speech with a clear understanding of the mechanics and physiology of the voice.

A series of scientifically designed vocalizes begins the muscle coordination while improving vocal range, intonation, flexibility, buoyancy and facility of  notes and creating a seamless connection through the passages.

This approach works equally for Opera as well as Broadway, POP, Jazz, Country, Folk or Rock.


Client List

Amanda Ballinger
Sophia Botti
Colette Bowen
Patricia Cardinali
Ava Cardona
Eliya Cari
Gabrielle Castagna
Sabrina Charity
Lena Connor
Amber Crawford
Brittaney Daniel
Susan Denaker
Olivia Fleming
Katrin Frantz
Trevor Giove
Tanner Gross
Arianna Gruppuso
Brooks Hope
Eryn Johnson
Ana Kotula
Natalie Laing
Taylor Luckenbach
Elizabeth McCullough
Brian Orser
Audrey Pennington
Sage Pitcher
Melanie Rose
Taylor Rowson
Elizabeth Russell
Alex Sattler
Taylor Silverman
Rhett Speer
Isabel Stub
Kyla Tate
Alison Teague
Alvard Van Graan
Steve West
Lucy and Livi Wilhite
Dan Willard