"Asunta is a rare gem of a person and an extraordinary voice teacher. An acclaimed actress and vocalist in multiple styles, she combines her supreme knowledge of technique and genres with an uncanny ability to discover and nurture each students individual strengths. Her passion for her students is second to none. Our daughter has flourished under her tutelage."

-Gordy Silverman, mother of Taylor Silverman, 4th year student

"You are so kind, so supportive and so very talented. I will be forever grateful for what you are doing to support my girls’ artistic pursuits and you do so in the most loving, nurturing way. Thank you."

-Rebecca Wilhite, mother of Lucy and Livi Wilhite, 1st year students

"Well, you would have been very proud of your estudiante this Saturday past, he absolutely nailed "Unforgettable"! People were blown away. In fact, one of my buddies has a brother who is a promoter who, after hearing about how good Brooks was, wants to hear more of him!"

-Barclay Hope, father of Brooks Hope, 1st year student

"Asunta Fleming. Voice teacher extraordinaire.
Passionate. Excited. Enthusiastic. Supportive. Caring.
She listens. She hears. She develops.
The color and sound of each unique
voice becomes your individual style. She knows.
Asunta trains classically to loosen you up, make your voice more flexible,
expand your range, garner control of your vocal chords and gain confidence
in their expression. …and then...
Our daughter has been taking voice lessons from Asunta for several years and quite
frankly words fall short when we think of “then” and “now.”
Asunta is a master."

- Lisa Luckenbach, mother of Taylor Luckenbach, 4th year student

"My eleven year old daughter, Elizabeth, has been taking voice lessons from Asunta for one year and already her voice has expanded to twice its range. Her voice has grown in volume, flexibility and control in this short time span. Asunta has also taught Elizabeth how to care for her voice, which is especially important for a performing singer. In addition she helps my daughter greatly with the imagery that she instills into the songs she sings. 

'If you have imagery to go with the song not only is it more touching but it makes people want to hear you.' -Asunta

"This theatrical element is extremely beneficial especially if the student is interested in musical theater.  She encourages her students to reach beyond their supposed limits and they find they exceed boundaries that originally held them back.  I highly recommend Asunta as a vocal coach not only because of her vocal teaching ability but her upbeat personality, which keeps the lesson fun and energetic."

 -Sarah Russell, mother of Elizabeth Russell, 1st year student

"During the 4 years we have been working with Asunta Fleming she has done an amazing job of guiding my son's voice from a 12 year old tenor into a 16 year old beautiful baritone.  We had no idea he would become a baritone but Asunta did and gently guided him without hurting his voice.  This has left an everlasting impression on me.  She has also helped him build a portfolio of different genres of music from musical theater to opera which he has used during competitions and auditions.  By exposing my son to a variety of types of music he has fallen in love with and is currently preparing for a career in opera.  When we had to move out of state we were able to take Asunta with us through Skype!  Thank you Asunta for your willingness to Skype because Brian continues to grow and blossom through your guidance.  He continues to get compliments and questions about who his teacher is and we are proud to say it is Asunta Fleming.   We can't thank Asunta enough for taking Brian in and guiding him into the amazing young man that he is today."

-Don and Karen Orser, parents of Brian Orser, 4th year student

"Asunta has been instrumental in the development of my son Tanner's voice. Always protective of her student's vocal cords, and with one of the most amazing ears in the business, she has helped Tanner transition from a boy soprano to a baritone with care and expertise that goes above and beyond. I cannot say enough about this talented powerhouse!"

-Michelle Gross, mother of Tanner Gross, 3rd year student

"Asunta Fleming is an amazing vocal coach. I have only taken a few classes, few and far between, but she has already managed to shape my vocal ability into something better than I could have imagined. I have had no training prior to my training with Asunta, but I know she can teach any level of singer and make them spectacular (with the proper work ethic on their part of course). She makes people so happy and comfortable and is really great at relating the voice to parts of life that you are already familiar with. By creating a safe and enjoyable environment, Asunta has built a superb training experience that all people can learn in."

-Taylor Rowson-Moir, 1st year student

"Mrs. Asunta Fleming is not just a master vocal instructor, she is a gifted, intuitive, teacher.  She uses the natural strengths that my daughters (ages 10 and 12) already possess and then she navigates them to vocal places they have never been!  I can't believe the angelic sounds coming from their bodies, sometimes while doing push-ups!!  Wonderful, wonderful training, thank you!"

- Rebecca Willhite, mother of Lucy and Livi Willhite, 1st year students

"Asunta gives her students professional level instruction regardless of their ambitions. Some of her students are already working professionally in their chosen industry but many are just starting to explore their talents. Everyone receives Asunta's best and the energy, support and appreciation she gives along with her first class instruction make her a valuable ally in a sometimes crazy business!"  

-Sarah Scott, mother of Ava Cardona, 3rd year student